Agencies Offering Job Search Assistance

Individuals who are in recovery from substance abuse or who are living with physical and mental disabilities are often unaware of the community resources that are available to provide assistance in conducting a job search. Conducting a job search can be a discouraging process unless one has knowledge of providers in the community that can be of assistance to individuals who are earnestly seeking employment and are ready to commit to the arduous process of completing applications, submitting resumes, undergoing countless interviews and all of the associated activities related to conducting a successful job search.

Whether you have overcome a persistent addiction or are adjusting to a physical or mental disability and desire to work, there are agencies and organizations that will assist you in the job search. This article will list some of the agencies that may be of help to the individual coping with a disability to conduct a successful job search.

In New York, state and private agencies are available to assist in conducting an effective job campaign. VESID (Vocational Education Services to Individuals with Disabilities) is a state/federal organization that has offices located throughout the state to help individuals find employment and training. In fact, similar offices are located in all the states by various titles such as Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of Vocational Services or similar titles. Services offered often include testing and assessment, vocational counseling by a certified vocational rehabilitation specialist and if necessary psychological and medical evaluations. These services are provided at no cost if you are deemed eligible to receive services. You can call your local VESID office which is often listed under the state government listing in the telephone book to schedule an intake appointment. Clients are often referred by their physician, clinician or counselor. If one is qualified, it is often possible to receive training to prepare for a successful career to become financially independent.

NADAP (National Association of Drug Abuse Programs) is an organization located in Manhattan that offers programs to assist individuals in recovery to successfully transition from non working to working status. Employment is a vital part of successful rehabilitation and this organization has an extensive program to assist individuals who are in recovery in application preparation, resume preparation and obtaining, coping and maintaining employment. The organization offers classes and workshops to help the individual prepare for the world of work. As with other agencies, the agency can be contacted to schedule an intake appointment to assess your eligibility for services.
The Department of Labor is an often overlooked state agency that offers free job placement services to both the disabled and non disabled client. Services include computerized job listings, job fairs, on site interview by company representatives and classes offering assistance in resume preparation, interviewing skills, how to properly dress for interviews and related job search topics. Some Department of Labor offices offer classes in basic computer skills while other offices allow you free access to fax resumes to employers of interest. A telephone call or visit to your local Department of Labor will familiarize you with the comprehensive scope of services available to the job seeker.
The overview of services presented by these three agencies can be a launching point for the individual with a disability to receive assistance from qualified and caring professionals in conducting a successful job search. Visiting the website of these organizations will give more detailed information about their requirements and offered services. Looking for a job is a job in itself but utilizing and knowing where to obtain job search assistance can make the task much easier.

These agencies are stepping steps to helping you secure a stable finance job in the future.
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